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Social Security: Ask Rusty About the Mystery of Spousal Benefits

Yes, the spousal benefit formula is complicated, especially when both of you are entitled to your own Social Security benefits. And there’s never a simple answer to whether it is a good idea for the lower earning spouse to start benefits first at age 62. For one thing, it depends upon whether they are still working, but it also depends upon health, life expectancy and need for the money early.

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Funky, Walkable, Artsy Asheville Awaits Visitors an Easy Drive from Atlanta

Asheville, North Carolina, is the sort of place that you never tire of visiting. At least I never do. No matter your age, interests or style, there is always something cool and new to do in this funky, walkable, artsy, good-eating, brewery-rich, city nestled in the mountains just a 3.5-hour drive north of Atlanta. The cool mountain air is an added bonus.

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Looking Up! Seeing the Beauty of the Night Sky

Several observatories in Georgia, most of them associated with academic institutions, offer observation and research opportunities for students and others seeking astronomical knowledge / degrees, and almost all throw open the doors to the public during non-pandemic times. But what’s more, a healthy number of amateurs — seniors well-represented among them — are increasingly taking astronomy up as a hobby, sometimes spending thousands of dollars on gear.

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