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Happy Birthday, Zesto!

One of Atlanta’s true icons, Zesto has been serving signature treats like the Nut Brown Crown (soft serve ice cream dipped in milk chocolate and rolled in dry roasted peanuts), Arctic Swirl cones, milkshakes, sundaes, banana splits, chili dogs and the Chubby Decker, Atlanta’s first ever double cheeseburger, for 70 years.



Tech Learning Is a Life Skill

There are numerous places in metro Atlanta where seniors can find tech learning and coaching. They range from tech sessions at retail stores, such as those for iPhone training at Apple Stores, to programs run at senior centers or residential facilities to private, in-home coaching.

Atlanta Senior Life visited the Cobb County Senior Services Assisted Technology Lab in Marietta. Join us for a tour of the facility, hosted by Felicia Alingu, Outcomes Program Specialist, as she demonstrates products and resources designed to make life easier for seniors.

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Personal Safety: The Levels of Security

You can control only what is controllable. You cannot control a crook’s decision to select, for instance, your residential community, be it apartments, condominiums or single-family homes, but you can control his decision to bypass your house by creating a first impression.

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The Top Ten Financial Frauds to Avoid

The National Council on Aging (NCOA) recently published a Top 10 financial frauds list — something that should not surprise anyone who gives any attention to his or her investments, retirement accounts and other income sources after leaving the workforce. The perception is that older adults have a good nest egg in their accounts and therefore, they become targets.

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European Masterworks: Showstopper Exhibition at the High Museum

After the rapturous reception and sold out run of “Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors,” the High Museum of Art has mounted a new exhibition that is equally showstopping in its  sheer star power. “European Masterworks: The Phillips Collection” is a greatest hits collection on loan from the Washington DC museum created in 1921 by art collector and critic Duncan Phillips and his wife, the artist and collector Marjorie Acker Phillips.

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Learning to enjoy the view from the passenger’s seat

Now that I’m old enough to collect Social Security, I’ve come to realize that driving a car isn’t the necessary part of daily life I once thought it was. I stay home more, it’s true, but I can get around well enough depending only on the kindness of family members and friends and the ubiquity of Uber. In some ways I feel freer than I did when I was driving all the time.

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