Author: Joe Earle

These Days: Stories from the Courts

The courts provided a newspaperman’s fantasy come true. What stories! True crime tales. Good guys and bad guys. Good cops and bad cops. Celebrities caught driving drunk. Heroes, villains, big verdicts, just plain weird stuff. Lots of action and emotion. Sometimes, it felt a curtain rose on a drama in every corner of the courthouse.

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A Collection of Ballparks

Greg Hutchinson has seen games played on historic fields and in newly opened ones. He figures that counting current and past parks, he’s watched games played in something like 43 major league ballparks. The major leagues contain only 30 teams.

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These Days: The Older Set

Now I regularly watch the news, sports, a smattering of sitcoms and some British imports. The actors are old and act older, even the ones I used to watch when they were young. Judd Hirsch is old and irascible on one show. Elliott Gould is old and clueless in another. They seem so, well, old.

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Volunteers Lend a Hand to Arts and Culture Around Atlanta

Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of metro Atlanta volunteers spend time each week helping local cultural institutions. They water flowers, stuff envelopes, field phone calls, guide school groups through exhibits, give history lessons, raise money and do all sorts of other things that local museums, gardens and performing groups need done. “They are incredibly important,” said Jayme Hogan-Yarbro, manager of volunteer and intern services at the Atlanta History Center.

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