Author: Judi L. Kanne

Should you check your blood pressure at home?

Blood-pressure readings taken at doctors’ offices are important, but a series of regular readings taken over time at home can help medical providers better understand what is going on with a patient. For one thing, regular readings may help determine how well your blood-pressure medicine is working.

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Hemp Hype: Facts About CBD

Health journalists, researchers and pharmacists admit confusion about its efficacy and misunderstood name, making today’s CBD conversations livelier than ever. CBD is an essential component of medical marijuana, but only when it’s above 0.3% in potency. Although industrial hemp and marijuana are both varieties of cannabis, they have been bred for different uses and can be distinguished by their chemical and genetic compositions.

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The Ever-Expanding Middle Age: Healthy Aging Month

Adding years can result in an extended middle age—and those years can become a double-edged sword, medical experts say. Increased longevity is a huge blessing for many. But with more years, there is an increased chance to develop chronic diseases, such as heart disease, cancer and forms of dementia. The gift of more middle age years might be changing our lifespans and adding a more productive and creative period. Just don’t let it lead to an expanded waistline and an increasingly sedentary lifestyle.

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Animals provide assistance, support and comfort

Some service animals can, among other things, pull a wheelchair, retrieve a dropped item, alert a person to a sound, remind a person about medications or press an elevator button on command. In fact, some dogs have even been trained to detect oncoming epileptic seizures or sense the presence of certain human cancers.

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