Author: Steve Rose

Technical Difficulties

When I visit my mother, I notice that she defers to the old movie channels on regular TV. She admitted that she forgets the process of pulling up apps like Netflix, so my next step was to write the process down in the spiral notebook that she keeps next to her recliner. She told me later that she simply prefers the older movie channels, which is fine because I like them too, but I make sure she remembers my notes, just in case.

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Beware the Smishers!

Just when we got our heads around phishing, skimmers and a host of other scams, a new one pops up—smishing, or SMS phishing—disguised as a FedEx package-delivery text.

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Stay Safe: Resolutions and Taxes

Why pay 500 bucks a year to walk on the treadmill? We have roads, paths and other venues where you can happily frolic at your own pace. Walk two miles a day, don’t eat like a pig and you’ll drop weight.

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Check on Charities before Donating your Dollars

Still, this is a time when charities kick-start their efforts towards the new year’s goals. Along with those charities come the charity scams, those less than lovable parasites seeking to rid you of your meager earnings, consisting of what’s left over from your holiday budget.

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