Author: Steve Rose

Check on Charities before Donating your Dollars

Still, this is a time when charities kick-start their efforts towards the new year’s goals. Along with those charities come the charity scams, those less than lovable parasites seeking to rid you of your meager earnings, consisting of what’s left over from your holiday budget.

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Personal Safety: Shop Wisely

By default, the last thing on your mind is security. That said, why load you up with a couple of dozen crime prevention tips when most will never see the light of day? Instead, let’s go with a short checklist.

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The Active Shooter Throw-Out-the-Rulebook

Three things that I know about active-shooter incidents. One, if you have prepared in any way, your chances of surviving increases. Two, if you remain stationary, you will die. And three, panic will freeze you and you will die.

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Personal Safety: Keep It Private

When I was a detective, we had our regulars, comprised of conspiracy theorists warning us of everything from aliens to the ever-popular government spying conspiracy. Here we are, some 30 years later, and some of those concerns have actually evolved. I recently read an article in USA Today, addressing privacy and some tricks you can use. These are designed for those of us who are already “out there” in cyber-land. Protect your privacy.

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