Author: Steve Rose

Watch Out for Scammers in these Crazy Times

It amazes me that although we are in an international pandemic crisis, we still have to contend with scammers focused on ripping off naïve and trusting people, many of them seniors, who, like all of us, never have experienced such an event before.

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Live like a Turtle and Keep your Shell Thick

Hundreds of years from now, when historians talk about us, they’ll refer to us as the soft-skin era, the time when we reverted to non-verbal and non-threatening hand signals to avoid any potential offending of someone, according to someone else, not the actual person who should be offended.

Who are these advocates for those who are may be or may not be offended?

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Don’t Jump Off a Bridge Just Yet

Life goes on. That is what we keep saying to ourselves. But I think we are all getting a little sideways these days.

COVID-19 wasn’t in the bag, yet we started acting as if it never existed. Crowds on July 4 completely ignored the distancing advice and, yes, they were kids, meaning the under-25 crowd — you know, the ones who will live forever.

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Wear Designer Masks, Watch for Viral Fraud

That said, we need to remember that there are those who are using the pandemic for personal and illegal gain, so let’s not let our guard down. According to a USA Today article, the FTC reported that so far in 2020, COVID-19-related fraud has reached the $13 million mark.

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