Author: Steve Rose

Personal Safety: Keep It Private

When I was a detective, we had our regulars, comprised of conspiracy theorists warning us of everything from aliens to the ever-popular government spying conspiracy. Here we are, some 30 years later, and some of those concerns have actually evolved. I recently read an article in USA Today, addressing privacy and some tricks you can use. These are designed for those of us who are already “out there” in cyber-land. Protect your privacy.

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Personal Safety: The Levels of Security

You can control only what is controllable. You cannot control a crook’s decision to select, for instance, your residential community, be it apartments, condominiums or single-family homes, but you can control his decision to bypass your house by creating a first impression.

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The Top Ten Financial Frauds to Avoid

The National Council on Aging (NCOA) recently published a Top 10 financial frauds list — something that should not surprise anyone who gives any attention to his or her investments, retirement accounts and other income sources after leaving the workforce. The perception is that older adults have a good nest egg in their accounts and therefore, they become targets.

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