Author: Mark Woolsey

A Taste of the Irish

St. Patrick’s Day beckons, and while Atlanta area Irish spots will pull out all the stops to celebrate, where do you go the rest of the month—and year—for some true-natured immersion in the auld sod? Here are some suggestions.

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Macon’s Musical Eateries

Their biscuits may bear names like “Butch” (Trucks), “Midnight Rider” and “Ramblin Man,” but H & H Soul Food isn’t the only place you’ll find food echoing Macon’s performing greats.

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Home of Southern Rock Reopens

The reopening—on the 50th anniversary of Capricorn’s founding—marked the culmination of several years of work on a number of fronts. The formerly dilapidated space was stabilized, cleaned up and refurbished under the umbrella of Mercer University and now bears the somewhat academic-sounding title of “Mercer Music at Capricorn.”

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Common Sense Collaboration: Fred Glassman offers legal mediation class

“I thought there must be a better way.” Turns out there was. The concept of mediation emerged, with a neutral person representing both parties. Glassman saw that some cases were ripe for mediation and he tried to get his clients to travel that route whenever appropriate. Then along came collaborative law. It’s a legal framework in which both parties in a dispute hire attorneys, but the lawyers formally agree not to go to court.

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