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Inside the Movie

There were no 4DX special effects for the first 15 or 20 minutes,  but then there was an explosion and suddenly I felt like I was part of the movie. The chair pitched back and dropped, while a gust of wind and water droplets hit my face. It was disorienting and a total shock, but also put me right into the action.

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Rosin Up the Bow: Jamming on the old tunes in Sandy Springs

Learning to play her new open-backed banjo led her to “old-time” music, the slice of American folk music associated with songs and string bands of the Appalachians. “The old tunes are pretty,” the 57-year-old Cobb County resident said. “They’re simple melodies. They’re historic. It kind of links you with the past.” It links her with like-minded musicians, too, which is why one recent Saturday afternoon she joined nine other instrumentalists in the back room at Slope’s BBQ in Sandy Springs to play old tunes.

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European Masterworks: Showstopper Exhibition at the High Museum

After the rapturous reception and sold out run of “Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors,” the High Museum of Art has mounted a new exhibition that is equally showstopping in its  sheer star power. “European Masterworks: The Phillips Collection” is a greatest hits collection on loan from the Washington DC museum created in 1921 by art collector and critic Duncan Phillips and his wife, the artist and collector Marjorie Acker Phillips.

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