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What’s Up Doc? A Local Shelter Just for Rabbits

GHRS was founded in 1996 when rabbits were rising in popularity as house pets and there were few animal facilities that would take abandoned rabbits, according to shelter Manager Jennifer McGee.

“Rabbits are the third companion animal behind dogs and cats,” McGee said. “They stay in the home, they’re litter box trained, they’re very neat and tidy, and you don’t have to walk them.”

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Making New Friends with Old Souls

Denise Fleck, president of the organization’s board of directors, said one benefit of choosing a senior animal was, “with older dogs, what you see is what you get!”

“They have already grown into their bodies and personalities, are often more low-key and just love to sit adoringly at your side,” said Fleck, of Villa Rica. “It is important to remember, however, that a 7-year-old senior dog can be quite different from a 13-year-old. So senior dogs, like senior people, have a range of needs and activity levels, but all still have so much love to give.”

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Having big fun with little trains

To hear model railroaders talk, theirs is a hobby centered on old men. Many members of the Piedmont Division are aged 60 or older, Liles said, and Sally Bando joked that she’s one of perhaps three women in the club. Different collectors build different types and sizes of model railroads. Some layouts present historically accurate images of specific trains or times while others mix a grab-bag of styles. And modelers are dedicated to their trains. Many spend several hours every day or week tending their layouts and some admit they spend thousands or tens of thousands of dollars on the hobby.

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Environmental journalist Charles Seabrook tracks Georgia’s wild places

As a youngster, Charles Seabrook wore out some serious shoe leather roaming among the salt marshes and stately live oaks of his native Johns Island, South Carolina. Those explorations set a pattern for later life — and occasionally got him into trouble.
The metro Atlanta naturalist is still ambling decades later as he pens the long-running “Wild Georgia” column for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
His love of the written word, natural curiosity and a keen eye for his surroundings have made him a fixture in environmental and nature journalism in Georgia. The 75-year-old has written books, won awards for his work, gives talks to civic groups and posts nature photos on Facebook.

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A Case for Case Management

In today’s complex hospital systems, case managers not only focus on illness, they also ensure chronically ill patients receive high-quality care in the least restrictive settings. With sky-high medical costs, their current role includes striving to achieve the most cost-effective treatment, whether patients are in or out of a hospital.

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