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Misuse of Over-the-Counter Painkillers Can Lead to Ulcers

What’s important (actually, critical) to understand is that NSAIDs, whatever you call them, can be (and are) dangerous if taken over long periods of time.

“Probably the most significant risk factor for NSAID-induced injury in older adults relates to the fact that older adults are more likely to be taking multiple medications,” said Dr. Alan Fixelle with Gastro Consultants of Atlanta in Sandy Springs.

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A Case for Case Management

In today’s complex hospital systems, case managers not only focus on illness, they also ensure chronically ill patients receive high-quality care in the least restrictive settings. With sky-high medical costs, their current role includes striving to achieve the most cost-effective treatment, whether patients are in or out of a hospital.

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Elder Abuse Can Be Close to Home

According to the Administration for Community Living, abusers generally use a pattern of coercive tactics, such as isolation, threats, intimidation, manipulation and violence to gain and maintain power over victims. Becky Kurtz, Managing Director, Aging & Independence Services, Atlanta Regional Commission, encourages all older adults to remain active and stay involved, as much as possible. “Socialization can help lower everyone’s risk from abusers,” she said.

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The Key to Elder Abuse Prevention Is Education

Today, scammers are looking for non-cash transactions, like electronic transfers and debit cards. One of many problems he sees is that email seems to give older (and lonely) people courage to “talk” to predators they don’t know—and even more courage (as in the Perkins case) when they meet a scammer through family members. Education is key to helping people.

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