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These Days: Stories from the Courts

The courts provided a newspaperman’s fantasy come true. What stories! True crime tales. Good guys and bad guys. Good cops and bad cops. Celebrities caught driving drunk. Heroes, villains, big verdicts, just plain weird stuff. Lots of action and emotion. Sometimes, it felt a curtain rose on a drama in every corner of the courthouse.

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These Days: The Older Set

Now I regularly watch the news, sports, a smattering of sitcoms and some British imports. The actors are old and act older, even the ones I used to watch when they were young. Judd Hirsch is old and irascible on one show. Elliott Gould is old and clueless in another. They seem so, well, old.

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Learning to enjoy the view from the passenger’s seat

Now that I’m old enough to collect Social Security, I’ve come to realize that driving a car isn’t the necessary part of daily life I once thought it was. I stay home more, it’s true, but I can get around well enough depending only on the kindness of family members and friends and the ubiquity of Uber. In some ways I feel freer than I did when I was driving all the time.

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