Above: A selection of covers from our first year’s issues. To read past issues, click on the Digital Editions link on our home page.

This issue marks one year that Atlanta Senior Life has been published by Springs Publishing, LLC. Like any one-year-old, we’ve grown and learned a lot in our first year.

Each month we offer stories that feature people of retirement age and older—the Boomers and beyond—who amaze us. Some spend their days creating works of art, while others hone their skills and compete at games. Some take classes to improve their minds, while others keep their bodies fit through activities like walking and bicycling.

Many of them volunteer their time to organizations that are important to them, and in turn, they become important to the people whose lives they touch. In all the seniors we’ve featured, we see living proof that there is no such thing as being “too old” to follow your dream or to reach out and help others.

These wonderful people continue to inspire us, and Atlanta Senior Life is honored to bring their stories to you. We also work to gather and share worthwhile information, whether it’s about finances, travel opportunities or events going on in the area.

This next year we want to expand and bring you even more features to motivate you to enjoy your life and the information you need to be involved with your community. That’s the wish we’ll make as we blow out the first candle on our cake, and it’s the goal we’ll strive for with every upcoming issue.

Please let us know how we’re doing so far, and what else you’d like to see in the pages of Atlanta Senior Life. Email me or Editor-at-Large Joe Earle with comments, questions and suggestions. We welcome your feedback!


Kathy Dean, Contributing Editor

Joe Earle, Editor-at-Large